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Yae Takahashi

Artist & Designer


I’m an Artist and Designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I grew up in Japan and moved to New Zealand over 20 years ago. I studied Graphic Design in Wellington and have been freelancing/working as a Graphic Designer since I graduated in 2013.

After having two loving children, my passion is increasingly focused on art & illustration, as I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend drawing and painting with my boys. I’ve started working with acrylic on canvas and have held a few exhibitions of my work. Currently, I enjoy digital illustration, as well as hand drawing and painting. I've also developed a fondness for painting on pots & plates.

I am also actively seeking collaborations with individuals and organisations where I can bring my artistic vision and design skills to projects ranging from picture book illustrations to branding design and product printing.

Your inquiries are always welcome, whether it's about commissioning artwork or any other questions you may have. Let's start a conversation and create something beautiful together :)


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